New year, new projects

A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner with a couple friends who were stopping through Hong Kong. When asked if anything was new with me, I replied that things were basically the same, with work chugging along, keeping me busy, but no real news to report.

But then our friend said something that surprised me. “But what else are you doing? You always seem to have other projects that you’re working on.” 

I laughed. “I do?” In my mind, I wished that I did.

Of course, as conversation turned, we realised there is something I’m helping out with that could constitute a project, but I haven’t really thought of it that way. Still, as the new school year begins, I have an itch to realise this belief of hers. Perhaps it’s the weekend I just spent wandering, reading, sleeping, talking, writing, but I’m feeling energized to start some new projects — or to move forward with some that have been stewing in my brain for some time.

Tonight, I took the first step and signed up for an online course that came knocking on my door (I consider a course invitation landing in my inbox the digital equivalent). Looking forward to using this space more in the year to come — to reflect, to share, to create.


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