I see you…

I do not consider myself an artist. Over the years, I’ve thought about taking drawing classes various times to improve my on-the-board attempts that leave the kids giggling and shaking their heads. Nevertheless, one of my favourite exercises from the Creativity Workshop I attended in New York about 5 years ago is the Automatic Drawing exercise–perhaps because it specifically does not require you to be good at drawing. Only good at seeing.

Here’s a quick intro. First, doodle/scrawl in pencil all over your page in any way you like, preferably without thinking at all.


Now, sit back, relax and see what you see. Pretend you are cloud gazing. Sometimes, I turn the page to literally give myself a new perspective.

Then, when you’ve spotted something, take your pencil and start outlining.


Next step: a little tidying up with your eraser.


As you like, add extras, backgrounds, notes or nothing. Voilà!


My little cowgirl’s waiting for me to write her story(ies)… how about yours?


One thought on “I see you…

  1. I use to do drawing exercises like this. They are really fun. Being good at drawing comes with so so much practice. Keep at it!! you should check out some of the work on my blog lilybunny.com its mostly just sketch stuff I have done either way let me know what you think and maybe follow if you like

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