My eyebrow moments

I posted a while back about an overheard moment where a student discovered to his horror that he too had eyebrows.

The first (and second and third) retelling of this story brought forth much laughter and amazement from all the adults who heard it. It seemed like a classic “kids say the darnedest things” moment, and I replayed it in my head for a good chuckle more than once.

When I go to yoga, though, it’s like I have a continuous eyebrow moment. It’s never quite as dramatic, but as a beginner to Iyengar yoga, I’m reminded frequently of how unaware I am of my own body. Really? I’m leaning forward? Don’t arch your back, right… Oh, you’re talking to me. 

It’s easy to laugh and ask, “How could he not know he had eyebrows?”

But my yoga classes (and gym classes where I’m learning new exercises) are a good reminder to me of how unaware I can be of muscles in my own body, muscles that I take for granted and that I don’t know how to isolate or activate. It reminds me how easy it is to go through daily life unaware of all sorts of things… of things we do without thinking, of things we pass without seeing. But I would like to be aware. I would like to see and hear and feel and know. And may there be a day when I ask myself, “How could I not know…?”


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