One Little Word 2014

The folks at the Two Writing Teachers community presented a challenge towards the end of 2013 to consider your One Little Word for the coming year. As I reactivate efforts towards this blog, I thought it’d be appropriate to start off with my little word for the year: open.

We hear this word in our daily lives in so many different contexts, but I rarely pause to think about it. In yoga, at work, at the café down the street: “open your chest”, “keep an open mind”, “open-door policy”, “open for business”. So what will open mean to me for 2014?

Open to exploring new ways of living a healthy, balanced life
Open to nurturing my interests beyond the day-to-day
Open to appreciating and expressing gratitude for the beauty of the world and people around me
Open to the possibility of change, evolution and growth

Looking forward to it!


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